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HP Mini 5101 Li-ion Laptop Batteries|HSTNN-OB0F Battery

HP Mini 5101 Li-ion Laptop Batteries|HSTNN-OB0F Battery

  • Product ID:1001978
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:14.80V
  • Battery Capacity:29wh(4 cells)
  • Battery Color:Black
HP Mini 5101 Laptop Batteries

For business users, they should be the pursuit of the perfect laptop, but at the same time with different designs, yet stable, lightweight and mini-size and flexibility of body weight, strong performance, excellent display, long the Standby / endurance ... .... Of course, the fish and bear's paw can not eat it is one-size-fits-all reason, on the current technical conditions, the wish to achieve these conditions is almost the same time is a fantasy, but it is still entirely possible to do a few of them, but Users can only size (dell Alienware M17X laptop battery), endurance, performance and other conditions necessary to make a choice, choose a different positioning of products to meet their needs. It is precisely because there are different needs, it will appear on the market all types of notebooks.

Mini 2140 with emphasis on the different fashion styles, Mini 5101 is more emphasis on business user markets. Of course (dell F310J computer batteries), some people like 17-inch big man, because the display area large enough to look cool, but others may prefer 10-inch light cavalry, because it is flexible enough to , you can easily carry. Therefore, from the commonly known as "the Internet in this," the 10-inch to 17-inch large-screen products, business notebooks appeared at the fronts in order to meet the needs of different groups of people.

With the current appearance of the homogenization of a number of the "Internet of the" product is different from the appearance of this Mini 5101 looks more like a narrow version of the ProBook series of products, not just the market a number of homogeneous differentiate this product online at the same time its own Mini 2140 also has a different feeling, if the Mini 2140 is a consumer and commercial tilapia, then this Mini 5101 is designed for business users like the products introduced in the stable in the sense of giving a reliable (asus A32-U80 batteries) . According to official data, said HP, which is a design and performance have been conducted to enhance the product, then how to upgrade the go? The Mini 5101 will not be just a shell of the Mini 2140 has replaced it? From the overall appearance point of view, Mini 5101 with HP ProBOOK 4400 series of products in appearance are surprisingly similar, as we said earlier, Mini 5101 is like a scaled-down oriented ProBOOK 4400, with 14-inch ProBOOK 4400 series of comparison, Mini 5101 has enough size to attract your eye mini.

HP's official data on the nominal appearance of this product is 262mm �� 180 �� 23.2mm, we have come through the actual test size is 260mm �� 181 �� 22-26mm, with the official nominal size is almost the same. The weight of single-cell lithium HP HSTNN-OB0F battery with four measured weight of 1.154kg, travel weight of 1.556kg, so the weight of even in the same size screen, this being the Internet is also regarded as relatively light, the user can easily carrying This notebook out.

With the previous generation Mini 2140 with silver-white-based color with a more stylish body are different in appearance, this Mini 5101 due to hit the business card using the All Black's main colors, while the exterior design, and ProBOOK Series Founder same appearance, metal give this product exudes calm.

The Mini 5101's shell using anodized aluminum material, while the lower part of the fuselage structure of magnesium alloy material can be the greatest degree of protection notebook product safety, but also in similar products, the first time a mixed material construction , at the same time enhance the eye-catching, but also to enhance a solid durability.

A face design with HP's business notebooks like the past, simple, brushed metal effect after treatment with the roof surface of the classic HP LOGO let everything just seemed so familiar. As a result of the LED screen, so the screen Mini 5101 is ideal thickness control of the metal shell at the same time also provided a good screen protection, in actual use, we use a finger press test carried out on the roof, does not appear significant subsidence.

For the wide-frame design has long been controversial, and some users prefer such a wide-frame design, while some users will prefer a narrow border design. And in most cases, a 10.1-inch screen, like the product, Mini 5101 also has a the wide border, but Hewlett-Packard used for this type of border effect of piano treatment( asus a32-f82 computer batteries), with 10.1 inches matte LCD screen is not in the visual effects there will be unexpected feeling.

Like with most products, Mini 5101 is also the design of the camera frame at the middle of the screen on the location of the microphone pickup, but I did not appear in the camera in the vicinity, but are designed under the screen left and right borders of the two-thirds 1, and compared to traditional single-channel microphone, stereo microphone pickup this effect will be even more remarkable.

A surface with a metal effects, B side class piano, matte LCD screen mashup different results, Mini 5101 C-side palmrest area using a black rubber matting texture processing, in addition to the stain and appears to avoid the mess because of contamination it can also allow users to obtain the use of a relatively comfortable feeling.

Like with the ProBOOK Series, Mini 5101 also used a separate keyboard design, is also commonly known as chocolate keyboard, this traditional style of the design of very different feeling quite fashionable. Button surface of the matting black frosted treatment, while the key is applied between the panel surface of the screen frame with the same effect of class piano. According to official data HP, Mini 5101 features a new, waterproof keyboard, a full-size keyboard area of 95% over the previous generation Mini2140 more 3%, while the Mini 5101 also used keys HP DuraKeys special coating with a stronger�����and durability, the ability to improve abrasion 50 times, you can make buttons with a longer life.

Not only a stylish exterior design of the keyboard, HP Mini 5101 is also the function keys (F1-F12) a big fuss( asus A32-F80 laptop batteries), this product feature is not the default function keys as in the past, as the need to adjust the notebook products to use Fn key but according to the identity of the surface of the direct buttons can be turned on or off by pressing the corresponding function, but if users want to use a traditional function of Fx key combinations, then must press the Fn key, the order to open the original function of Fx key combinations. For example, there may be a lot of users accustomed to using a combination of Alt + F4 key to quickly close the current window / program, but the Mini 5101, users need to press Alt + Fn + F4 before they can achieve this functionality, and if by Alt + F4, it will only start a quick screen brightness adjustment function, for first-time users, to adapt to this mode of operation is to take some time.

Mini 5101's touch pad integrated with a more traditional design, but did not use previously used the left and right buttons on the product design, touch pad and the B side of the main screen using the same materials and class borders piano texture, can support the web roll and other functions. The keys are used with the palmrest area the same black matting material, although not as black and white (dell Inspiron 1545 laptop battery), with eye-catching, but one out of a dark contrast is still a bit boring for the C-side elegance. However, be pointed out that the touchpad of the main effects of the surface with the piano, like the tainted with fingerprints, stains and then will become very dirty, so cleaning is a user often an essential daily work.

Almost henselae black Mini 5101 machine body, in addition to HP LOGO and a variety of identification using silver-white, white color, the most prominent of the course ought to have been designed directly above the keyboard power switch, and silver-white power switch with B side under the frame on the screen, HP LOGO exist side by side, looked from the side, there will be a "toast to invite the moon, right into a three-film" effect.

In the power switch to the left, two shortcut function keys correspond to the quick-start the browser and e-mail software features, which also reflects from one side of the positioning of the product business applications. Refers to the one mention is that the power switch and two shortcut function keys are used the blue backlight is designed to allow users in the dark state can also be very convenient to operate.

In the bottom left palm care, the user can find the Mini 5101's hard disk status indicator and wireless network switches (dell x284g computer batteries), including the wireless network switches use of a sliding design, the switch on the status indicator light according to different states in blue and yellow lights to alert users to the wireless network is open.

In the fuselage interface layout, Mini 5101 customers in the fuselage on the left provides a D-SUB and two USB 2.0 interface, while in the fuselage on the right, in addition to RJ-45 interface, the user can also find a USB2 .0 interface, a set of audio input and output interfaces and multi-in-one card reader, should be noted that the right of the USB2.0 interface uses additional power supply design, interface with the power jack on the side, the user can choose to support Additional power supply designed to drive and other equipment to use.

From the number of interfaces, as well as the layout point of view, this Mini 5101 to the user interface is also provided to meet user demand-driven, Mini 5101 provided a total of 3 USB2.0, 1 15-pin D-SUB, 1 Ge RJ45, a multi-card reader as well as headphones, microphone interface, each one, for the average user, this interface configuration is sufficient to meet the needs of their everyday use. If this is the interface design can not satisfy the usage requirements, the customer can also purchase HP USB 2.0 Docking Station or HP Essential USB port replicator to achieve the purpose of expansion of the port.

Mini 5101 in the bottom of the fuselage to provide users with a self-change memory possible, with most notebook needs to be demolished to open the tailgate of different screws, this product features a non-screw design of the memory slot baffle, the user need only removed After the battery again slide the hp mini 5101 laptop battery switch can be demolished to open the memory slot's protective heat shield. We received the prototype is equipped with 1GB of DDR2 800 memory, but because of Mini 5101 provides only one memory slot, so users when making memory upgrades, the cost is relatively high.

In addition to allow users to boot state without also able to grasp the battery residual current, Mini 5101 is equipped with lithium batteries are used in the bottom of the battery test button and indicator, the user need only press the button you can quickly through the light understanding of the remaining battery power, to avoid delays in work due to lack of electricity.

In the configuration, hp Mini 5101 still uses Intel's Atom platform, with way for Intel Atom N280 Processor + Intel 945GSE chipset, as compared with the common N270 processor, N280 processor frequency to upgrade to a 1.66GHz, Processor using 45nm process technology, has a 512KB secondary cache and 667MHz front side bus, the performance of the N270 than the common slight increase.

Motherboard connection using Intel 945GSE chipset, with ICH7M, built-in Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 graphics chip. Screen area, Mini 5101 is equipped with a 10.1-inch WSVGA LED backlit LCD display, resolution of 1024 �� 600 pixels, which is at present the majority of the mainstream 10-inch standard configuration ATOM platform products. As with other Internet the same, Mini 5101 is also the top of the screen is a camera designed to facilitate users to video chat. Mini 5101's camera can shoot still very good, quality more clear. We can see that the left side of the camera has a "dot", which is not commonly used in MIC design, but the light sensors. Taking into account users often use the Internet in this outdoor light sensor can automatically adjust the screen brightness, a well-lit cases, will automatically reduce the screen brightness to save power to improve battery life.

Although the core of the hardware side there is no outstanding brightness, but the storage equipment The Mini 5101 is a similar product used far beyond the standard configuration, the current configuration of Hewlett-Packard released the official list, the user can choose a capacity of 160, 250 and 320GB of 7200rpm hard drive also can choose to 80GB or 128GB of SSD solid state drive, which is to use this product in 5400 to switch hard drives thousand similar products stand out. We have received a prototype is equipped with a Seagate 7200.4 Series ST9160412AS hard drive, hard disk capacity of 160GB, 16MB cache. This piece of 7200rpm hard drive support SATA-II interface, can effectively co-ICH7M South Bridge, to achieve a faster transfer rate of 3.0Gbps. Also in order to better protect the hard drive, HP has also equipped with a HP 3G DriveGuard its hard drive shock protection, have been hit when the body will automatically stop working when the hard drive to avoid damage to stored data, therefore.

We optimize the brightness of the actual test 241.7cd/m2, which was 321.9:1 contrast, color saturation, the test values for 49.12%. hp Mini 5101 is equipped with LCD screen has a nice piece of the brightness of the performance, while in contrast, will have to slightly less than similar products in the average. In color saturation, the results were 49.12% in the current market notebook LCD screen than the average level. Such as test scores show that this piece of LCD screen, including text display has a good performance.

In this notebook, we run the DVD module and the Reader module to simulate the user for daily use to test this piece of battery life. Also should be noted that, since Mini 5101 is not equipped with CD-ROM, DVD module in testing( DELL Vostro 1710 Laptop Battery), we used the virtual drive, the computer test to read data from hard drives, so the test data with the use of CD-ROM drive will have a certain bias, but we believe that This test method but better than the use of CD-ROM to read DVD close to the user's habits, after all, most used in the playback video or more read data from the hard drive.

We closed the screen saver, hibernation, system restore, automatic updates, firewall and other functions, the screen brightness set to 50% of the end of the test battery to 0%. The continuous operation of the product DVD module test scores for the 2 hours and 28 minutes, while the Reader module test scores of continuous operation for 3 hours and 59 minutes, taking into account this product is equipped with a 7200 rpm hard drive, so this could be called the absolute performance of excellent, and if the user for this product is equipped with a larger capacity 6-cell lithium-ion battery life should still be capable of a higher level.

As HP's latest business notebook products, the Mini 5101 with the previous generation of products have too many differences, but the most attractive is its user provides the user with the choice of 7200 RPM drives, which is the pursuit of disk performance for those who , but also the volume of the product and there are many requirements of the user has a strong temptation, while this product and its high-end ProBook series of identical appearance makes it in the present appearance, configuration (DELL Latitude 2100 Laptop Batteries), homogenization of the serious online this product stand out. By virtue of a unique design, decent hardware configuration as well as other additional features, this product is more targeted at those who seek fashion sense, the stability of the business crowd the market.

Integrated this product's performance in the test run, hp Mini 5101 has a good disk performance, able to meet the needs of the majority of commercially available processors, memory and graphics performance, absolutely routine to meet the user a simple office applications, Internet browsing, video and audio video entertainment, online play and other requirements, taking into account this product also has very good power consumption, heat dissipation performance and hard disk data protection, choose this product as an office machine should be a very suitable choice.

HP Mini 5101 comes standard with a 14.8V, 29Wh of the four-cell lithium polymer hp battery, with the same grade of products equipped with 10.8V ,23-25Wh universal three-cell battery than the piece of the battery indicator has been slightly better, but consider the 7200 transferred to the hard drive power consumption will be higher than 5400 rpm hard drive.

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