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LENOVO IdeaPad Y550 4186 Laptop Battery|L08S6D13 battery

LENOVO IdeaPad Y550 4186 Laptop Battery|L08S6D13 battery

  • Product ID:1001917
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:11.10V
  • Battery Capacity:5000mAh
  • Battery Color:Black
Have to go to watch the summer, I believe students and friends have started planning how to spend a long holiday it is a home game played at home? During the examination period, or cramming a large exhibition, or choose to travel. In the information age, we have been difficult to refuse to bring the convenience of the Internet, and in the next long holiday, perhaps to buy roses paragraph notebook or entertainment will be the best choice for after-school learning.
LENOVO IdeaPad Y550 is the so-called all-round notebook, over those who play in the performance of 3D games do not reach the top, while their own are not satisfied with the majority of ordinary business or consumer of the association of a type of product. Most of them have a good core processors, mobile graphics, as well as the appearance of amazing people, and the courage to price more low-end products to the challenge.
Ideapad Y550 notebook screen using 15.6 "Golden Section 16:9 ratio, the big screen big vision, more suitable for high-definition movie and video playback, and while there is no show, are the true mobile wide-screen home theater with extraordinary vision to enjoy your . LED backlight technology enables soft color screen, completely free of heavy metal mercury is more environmentally friendly, more energy-saving lower power consumption.
We call the entire new line of Lenovo IdeaPad notebooks HandBag products look because they all share a common characteristic that is an absolute fashion, personality. Even if the measure through so many years after the tour or map, it is hard to find a product or a similar sense of shadow. Well-known to everyone on the IdeaPad Y430, Y530, like, IdeaPad Y550 is the use of different mold design, and this design is the inspiration comes from fashion handbag.
But with the IdeaPad Y650 paint the surface of the skin type of material is slightly different, Y550 to choose a more consumer-oriented as A surface coating material. In this way, the whole sense of the notebook look more shiny. Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 from 15 inches to create mold, but with the traditional products with different sizes, the appearance of this notebook looks more "slender elongated." This is mainly because the notebook's LCD screen for 16:9 widescreen ratio, so the ratio of body length and width will change accordingly. Although there is no more slender look Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 thin as the body, but in the Y550 size continues to be satisfactory performance. Body size dimensions are 385mm, 255mm and 37mm. Mold for a 15-inch notebook products, to reach this level and specifications are very rare indeed.
Lenovo IdeaPad Y550's performance in terms of weight can be said to be quite satisfactory, by measuring to see that the body weight of the A32-F80 battery with 2.7 kilograms, and with power adapters for the entire weight 3.22 kilograms. Compared to other products the same size, or the more obvious advantages.
With the new series of Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 and Y450 the same two products, we get the Y550 also joined The copper metal design of the waistline, rather than spread out before the gossip in the orange. This design makes the appearance of the whole notebook technology looks more sense, but also to allow part of the rounded edge of the fuselage would not seem too awkward to deal with.
 In addition (dell Inspiron 1545 laptop battery), after the site opened the notebook has been up along the waistline, but also see that this notebook is equipped with camera devices, with Face Recognition and video messages of two special features. With the same Y650, Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 is one of the biggest bright spot with a 15.6-inch widescreen LCD panel to support 1366*768 resolution. Used to connect the screen and body of this part of the shaft, Y550 symmetrical use of the "L"-type rotor design style to sink. Design of damping force balance, the opening and closing of the screen will not have a significant rebound phenomenon.
In addition to Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 is equipped with support for Microsoft Windows keys 84 keys standard notebook keyboard, the keyboard is still the right to join the three circular multimedia control buttons, and the top of the keyboard functions are touch shortcuts (asus a32-u80 laptop battery). When the notebook is running, these keys will be issued by the coupling of the backlight color.
Support the two points touch the touch pad technology is the new Lenovo's three most proud of the value of one design, the user through the operation of the two fingers will be able to achieve the picture to zoom in or out of operation. In addition, the touch to play down the edge of the region but also the whole mold notebook look more fashion, fashion.
Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 in the care of position, we can see a large number of paper with Logo familiar but also noted that the location near the edge of "ideapad" signs. And touch the top of the keyboard shortcuts and the right side of the same multimedia keys, when the notebook run-time power, this exclusive color letters there will be coupling light from the background.
For most 15-inch notebook dies, the consumer interface is not particularly concerned about the need for distribution. However, serious attitude in our Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 is still on the details of the fuselage on both sides carried out a mission, and the reality is that the distribution of Y550 and the number of interfaces are more satisfactory indeed.
This notebook includes a SD card reader, two USB2.0, a E-SATA/USB 2.0, an RJ-45 Ethernet, a VGA, one HDMI and a group of high-definition audio input and output interfaces. Next (dell Alienware M17X laptop battery), we will view it in detail the distribution of the interface. IdeaPad Y550 front and back of the body and do not have much interface. Be able to see more than the previous one side only reader and audio input and output interfaces, and back with most of the same notebook, due to the existence of the battery does not place any interface equipment. IdeaPad Y550 interface of the small number of the right side of the fuselage, there are only two USB 2.0 and Power Interface. Streamline design, can provide a good environment to avoid the impact of external cable to the normal operation of the use of the mouse.
The left side of the fuselage, around the body by the remote-ended followed by the distribution of the ExpressCard, E-SATA/USB 2.0, RJ-45 Ethernet, HDMI high-definition digital output, and VGA video output. It is worth mentioning that, Lenovo launched in the new series have joined the E-SATA/USB interface. Users to not only E-SATA external storage devices, but also as a USB interface can normally use, very convenient.
In addition to the four side of the fuselage interface, we also took note of the fuselage Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 subwoofer back there is a device with the keyboard with the top two speakers, in order to provide better acoustics.
Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 Core standard of a six-11.1V 57Wh li-ion L08S6D13 battery
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