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LENOVO IdeaPad Y650 4185 Batteries|42Wh L08S6T13 laptop battery

LENOVO IdeaPad Y650 4185 Batteries|42Wh L08S6T13 laptop battery

  • Product ID:1001918
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:11.10V
  • Battery Capacity:3780mAh
  • Battery Color:Black
LENOVO L08S6T13 Laptop Battery
You can clearly feel that it's "thin", 25mm thickness is only 16-inch notebook in general 2 / 3 or less, which not only make it look more attractive fashion, but also allow it easily on a variety of notebook backpack Lane. Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 weight only 2.55KG, which means that the same portability it ahead of other competitors. In fact, in order to obtain lightweight body type, think of the selection of materials in the fuselage on the very thought: it used the body as carbon fiber materials (ACER AS09D70 Laptop Battery), it is necessary to know that this is an aerospace and automotive industry for high-grade material, it can give the Y650 lightweight body type at the same time brought about by strong physique. Matte surface texture paint even though there is no piano-like high-end elegant, but it is a good way to resist the invasion of greasy with fingerprints. For this reason, no you do not need to worry about work the Y650.

In addition, the large-size notebooks are often looks dull wonder, but who in the Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 dispelled this concern, shallow simple elegant black body, in order to let you look not too monotonous, Lenovo designs Teachers also specially decorated in the fuselage around the eye-catching bright orange lines is more interesting when you tilt the vision to a certain point of view, you can find in the roof covered with the upper part of the staggered hexagonal pattern, simple crisp visual impact of your lovely planning.

Also in the top left corner of the shell, you can see the silver Lenovo chrome Logo, so all-black casing looks not so monotonous, and can see the machine in the location of the border around the design of the orange-red border, black shell and base decorated with orange-red border, such as a liner attached to the same package.

In the choice of LCD panels, Y650 is equipped with a maximum resolution of 1366 ��� 768 of the LED backlit LCD panel, showing a ratio of 16:9, so that we in the broadcast high-definition movies from the black side can be disturbed, and This screen is also equipped with a common business intelligence machine photosensitive system, according to the user the strength of the use of ambient light, the screen automatically adjust the display brightness, protect the eye health of users can also maximize power savings.

The top of the screen, we can see the design of a 130W high-pixel camera sensor, user-friendly network video applications, and next to the LED lamps can prompt the user whether the camera work, which is currently rampant hacking of the network environment is a very intimate design. In addition this also supports the security camera to use, the application of leading Lenovo Face Recognition features, gives users a richer entertainment and security applications.

The top of the keyboard is a row of touch-sensitive multimedia controls, but the touch of the finger not as many parts of the notebook is used to adjust the volume keys, but a quick start function keys, this notebook features a speedy 6 key (can be customized). When the fingers touch the keys on the strip will move the opening of different shortcuts. On both sides of the keyboard is the Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 two speakers, the figure we can see with Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 notebook is the JBL speakers.

Finally, in the shaft area, Y650 popular use of the sinking of the shaft-type design, the greatest benefit of this design is that it can effectively reduce the height and size of the screen, while the Y650 The most common screen size than a lot of great notebook, but We still can rest assured that the sinking-style 16-inch shaft can be fixed screen position in a stable, although the screen opening and closing of the largest angle of 150 degrees only, but enough for us to use, thanks to the excellent damping force and non - screen hook design, we can easily use one hand to open the screen.

Screen quality is very good, excellent overall performance. Color, viewing angle is also very good, all-black on the screen there is a slight case of the light leakage phenomenon, but in absolute notebook products can claim to be a good comparison.

After the opening screen IdeaPad Y650 we will be able to see the operating area of pure white, you can see most of the region left some, and this is indeed compared to the general design of the notebook a lot of comfort, because the wrist can be placed on top of the whole , so the wrist can be fully relaxed, so that even if the recording time will not be the work of the phenomenon of fatigue.

Look at the keyboard, the same size as an ordinary notebook keyboard feel very comfortable that we have several generations of its models in the IdeaPad experience has been. Although white keyboard quite beautiful, but is also susceptible to stains, users often need to clean up. Keycap used slightly matte surface design, get a good touch, and cap the use of ergonomic principles of design, let us work during the time of admission to a more comfortable and smooth. Are more generous each key, key-way medium, but also the design of bond length of more rational design of function keys use different color markers in the bottom of the keycap, very easy to identify. Excellent keyboard overall flexibility, but also the whole use of the mute keyboard design, not like an ordinary keyboard when typing, like in a clear voice.

Also in the top of the keyboard, IdeaPad Y650 designed for our signs in a row of touch shortcut keys, the carefully designed specifically for audio and video playback keys, a mere touch of a button you can easily switch to normal and cinema modes . Normal mode to satisfy the demand for day-to-day use, and the Cinema mode is for you to enjoy video video carefully designed through the optimization of image and sound, not only made the picture even more delicate clear fluid, but also the voice of the high-level performance of a richer bass, smooth enjoy audio-visual entertainment!

On both sides of the keyboard, you can see two symmetrical audio unit, and our brand identity through the above can be aware of this sound comes from the manufacturers of professional audio products JBL, JBL believe that many users are already quite familiar with the name as the world's top manufacturers of audio, and its products in the large-scale concerts, opera house, concert halls but we often see, so that the brand with the IdeaPad Y650 sound in the audio area can rest assured that we really can be said to be Mobile version of the home theater, whether the user is listening to music, play games, watch movies can enjoy the true Dolby surround sound, audio and video, according to the author, although the bass can not and external aspects of the high-end speakers compared But in the high tone has not much difference between the voice of full, structured its greatest feature.

Audio unit in the bottom, respectively, the design of the power supply, a key recovery, the audio control buttons, one with the shadow of ThinkPad and backlight design, even if we operate at night when the operation can be easily.

The IdeaPad Y650 is really very large touch pad, the area has reached 10.8 ��� 6.5 cm, equivalent to the size of two ordinary touch pad, about the size of keys was also increased. In addition this also supports the touch pad mouse Multi-Touch touchscreen technology, support multi-point touch technology, through gestures such as circle action can be achieved, such as web browsing features page Scroll through the two fingers can be separated from or closer picture zoom in or out of the browser, it is a little taste of Apple.

IdeaPad Y650 has a large size because of body size, and in view of Lenovo's notebook interface (dell f310j laptop battery), so we IdeaPad Y650 interface design or have a lot of hope, and its interface performance notebook belonging to the upper level of products, fully meet the needs of our day-to-day use. Although it is only designed two USB2.0 interface, but the DVD burner optical drive, Express Card slot, HDMI interface are used to interface, and even to facilitate a high-definition enthusiasts with e-SATA interface, so that we can add high-capacity storage devices to view high-definition movies.

The left side of the fuselage, the design of the power interface, HDMI high-definition interface (dell Alienware M17X laptop batteries), VGA video interface, USB2.0 interface and cooling hole design in the rear to avoid the power interface between the cable and other entangled phenomena, and design in the left cooling hole to avoid user annoyance of hot air roaster.

The right side of the fuselage, respectively, a security design approach, RJ-45 broadband interface, Express Card/34 slot, eSATA-compatible interface, audio input and output interface, USB interface and SD / MS / MS PRO / XD / MMC card inserted slot, the right and left sides of the USB interface is designed and user-friendly to use and design of the user of the card reader slot proximal and audio interface is also very reasonable.

Another innovative design, the IdeaPad Y650 is the drive to burn the body in the front-end design, while the next is the wireless switch, the red and put the state of external indicator lights (power,ASUS A32-F80 battery, wireless). Design on the front burner drive for us when playing high-definition is very convenient, and the state of light allows us to close the screen in time to fully grasp the operation of the machine.

Hardware configuration of the IdeaPad Y650 are the current high-end level, the use of a Penryn core Core 2 DuoP8600 45 nanometer processors, frequency up to 2.4GHz, the secondary cache to achieve a 2 * 3M, and a value of 25W power consumption energy consumption rather than high, and the PM45 chipset with the processor, together with the composition of the 2-generation Centrino platform. Memory with a 4GB of DDR3 memory, 320GB of disk capacity will allow us to store more movies. In addition, display the latest mobile graphics NVIDIA G105M, based on the latest G98M core, performance, definitely worth looking forward to.

Because with a 16-inch big screen, and an independent graphics card is also equipped with quite a power, so we just started life on the ability of the IdeaPad Y650 is a little worried, and its equipped with a capacity of 42Wh, which is about 3600mAh The lithium-ion L08S6T13 batteries, is obviously intended for thin and light considerations.

We use the battery test software software Battery Mark the IdeaPad Y650 endurance test, during which we have maximum screen brightness modulation, high-performance mode, 2 hours and 34 minutes of endurance beyond what we expected really. As a 16-inch screen notebook significantly increase independence, so that the capacity of the range is still quite good. It appears this LED backlight screen and 25W power processor P8600 is indeed small.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 advantage reflected in the appearance of the fashion design, good portability and long battery life, the intended to subvert the large-size notebook is not convenient to bring the concept of the traditional consumer, while in the performance of Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 significantly more emphasis on video audio entertainment applications, games do not like the price performance of other notebooks. If you want to buy a large-size notebook as a close partner and a focus on portability of products, Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 is indeed regarded as a good choice.
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