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LENOVO IdeaPad U350 2963 laptop battery|L09C4P01 Batteries

LENOVO IdeaPad U350 2963 laptop battery|L09C4P01 Batteries

  • Product ID:1001919
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:14.80V
  • Battery Capacity:2770mAh(4 cell)
  • Battery Color:Black
LENOVO IdeaPad U350 2963 laptop battery

This is also a laptop everywhere in the world, thin and light notebook computer has experienced a tortuous development of the Internet has finally reached the age of light. Associate with "Thin book" redefined notebook belong to this era of light, the new Lenovo ideapad U350 perfect design, reliable quality, all-powerful applications.

Since the bags into the halls of fashion, the notebook computer is destined to become part of fashion. Pick up the notebook into a mirror, looking at a handbag design lenovo ideapad U350 issued silver fashion style waistline. A face in black, revealing little of the red halo, perhaps, this is fashion.
Lenovo as "Thin book" an outstanding representative, 13-inch ideapad U350 has a limit of 17 millimeters thick, 1.6 kg of ultra-light aircraft, so that he can fly with your idea. And it streamlines the modeling, the light show the beauty of Smart.

In the thin times, quality means "light does not light": light products, but has a thick quality (dell Alienware M17X laptop battery). The ultra-portable Lenovo ideapad U350 necessarily carry, in fact, be able to do too much. A surface can withstand the pressure of 35KG, so that he can adapt to a variety of day-to-day carry squeeze brought about by the collision.

In light of the journey, APS hard defense technology initiative is essential. Lenovo's APS comes from hard exclusive defense technology initiative, the U350 is equivalent to a hard disk into the airbag. Airbag technology similar to APS hard drive protection technology to protect the hard disk. The monitoring system is sustainable, integrated laptop mobile sensors to detect if a sudden change of position, the sensors will temporarily stop the hard drive in order to prevent the possible impact of the hard disk. Do not worry encountered severe turbulence during the trip, collision or fall.

Thin in the era of the Internet, information is based on cloud computing as a unit, it is necessary to deal with so much information on ultra-long standby essential. Standby time may be only for consumers, a figure, but in actual use, the ultra-portable 4-cell L09C4P01 battery ideapad U350 will allow six hours to achieve the ultra-long standby time, allowing consumers the full half-day through the hours of work. And replaced with 8-cell battery, the life time can reach 10 hours, you can spend a full day's working hours, do not have to worry about a sudden power abuse. So long standby time thanks to high-speed DDR3 memory, intelligent power management techniques Lenovo, LED backlit LCD screen significantly, each play an indispensable role. Strong and behind a wide range of applications, is a strong "core" strength.

Lenovo ideapad U350 has a smart sensor technology, through on-screen camera, U350 can change according to ambient light, automatically adjust screen brightness, of the care of people in every possible way. Newly designed high-touch keyboard 2.0, some features will be cleverly designed key symbol in the side of the keycap(lenovo L09C4P01 laptop battery) , greatly facilitates the use of a user's view. Only in this way that the design concept in every possible way, only light in this era of truly touched your heart.

It has latest entertainment and computing features it has 16:9 aspect ratio high definitions. It has also including lots f unexpected features this laptop is also best personal use you can easily connect with your friends and chat very easily anywhere it has also including excellent quality of handy camera for video messaging or making Skype calls using the laptop's WiFi connectivity.

New Lenovo ideapad U series uses the latest Intel ultra low voltage processors (dell f310j laptop battery, energy-efficient mobile computing can be realized. The new processor not only products significantly reduce the unit energy consumption, while reducing the heating products, will reduce the burden of the whole of the heat, further reducing energy consumption. This product can show excellent performance, but also can play a strong performance. Its enhanced performance requirements for dealing with today's demanding software applications. Intel Smart Cache technology is more subtle, more efficient cache and bus design, in order to achieve better performance, faster response speed and better energy-saving effect.

Lenovo is the one of the finest company which offers excellent laptops in market this is the best offer of Lenovo are you interested to buy this laptop and Replacement Laptop Battery !
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