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ACER Aspire 1810T Laptop Battery|ACER UM09E36 battery

ACER Aspire 1810T Laptop Battery|ACER UM09E36 battery

ACER Aspire 1810T Laptop Battery
  • Product ID:1001970
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:11.10V
  • Battery Capacity:5600mAh / 63WH
  • Battery Color:Black
ACER Aspire 1810T Laptop Battery

This batteries compatible the following models: Aspire Timeline 1810T laptop battery , ACER Aspire 1810T laptop battery, ACER As1810T laptop battery , AS1810T-353G25n batteries , Aspire Timeline 1810T-353G25n laptop battery

This ACER replacement battery pack is a 5600mAh, 11.10, rechargeable, removable, Li-ion battery designed to work with ACER Aspire 1810T. The Hi-Quality battery meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications for the ACER Aspire 1810T Laptop Battery in quality, durability, and performance. Li-ion batteries do not suffer from the memory effect. They generally last between 300-500 charge/discharge cycles. All laptop batteries are tested for 100% quality control assurance. This battery for ACER Aspire 1810T includes a one year warranty. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and fast shipping on all of our products.

acer pioneered ULV processor-based notebooks. Including aspire 3810T, aspire 4810T, aspire 5810T. The naming of its products from the acer way, we can easily see the first listing in the thin and light notebooks involved in size from 13 inches to 15 inches. Must first be recognized is the new thin and light products, though in the same size products have been thin enough, yet these products have become less compact. We 3810T, for example (asus battery), although this product with the 12-inch Product weight similar to, but you still have to make some preparations for its 13-inch notebook bag. acer when it will launch a compact enough to thin the product again? Is that many users for acer thin product of an expectation. acer Aspire 1810T can be said that the introduction of a whole series of products a perfect Timeline. Aton processor-based Internet access this product (except MID) the target population are those simple web-based operations users. The ULV processor-based application environment Aspire 1810T is more extensive, covering the former multi-functional, in addition to the product's performance and operating experience in the Internet really can not compare this product.

The 11.6-inch notebook launch of ULV, I believe the most direct pressure on the course ought to be able to access this. Our products or through a real example, to further understanding of the Internet with the ULV processor, this notebook differences. In the EeePC 1101HA is the latest release of a 11.6 inches the Internet in this, both the product prices are already very close, and combined with the size of two products exactly the same. I believe many people will unconsciously in the two products free?

Was limited by the small size of products in the comfort, operational experience, the program is compatible on the missing (dell laptop battery), the Internet began to change in this large, so the Internet the more the larger one up to now the maximum size of 11 inches, 12 inches. This has led directly to the Internet This product invasion of ultra-thin and light notebook territory of small size, combined with the price we have just mentioned is almost the same, it is inevitable the two forms of product mix competition.

The Internet has the characteristics of the small size of the ULV processor notebooks all have. While the small size of ULV processors, laptops have this feature of the Internet did not. From the performance convenient, suffice it to say ULV processor-based notebook computers is undoubtedly a dominant share. From product thin extent (fujitsu battery), this is the online listing at the beginning of this proud product selling point, however, can really make you remember this there are several ultra-thin online? The ULV processor-based notebook computers whenever unveiled are based on ultra-thin appear on the user's face. In the Internet the more self-confident life, the need to recognize that the Internet under the battery capacity of this life at the same time to be even longer. However, if the efficiency of the entire notebook computer to perform, taking into account one of the words. Internet access in this so-called long-life water became apparent, and the implementation of the efficiency per unit time and again to ULV processor notebook win.

This will see the large size of the Internet to access this at an even greater disadvantage, Internet lightweight portability of this inherent advantage, price advantage exhausted. Internet access is also looking forward to this, if a place in the market accounted for (TOSHIBA PA3734U-1BRS batteries), then he honestly have to stick to the small size of the Internet in this market.

acer Aspirs 5810T is something that the introduction of "unexpected." Why? 3810T, 4810T, 5810T is the same period acer launch ultra-thin product. All three products are targeted at the ultra-thin products, the main target groups in a quest for ultra-portable users. The more the 5810T be an alternative in the same size in terms of products, 5810T absolute count of the thin and light products. However, 5810T body size for most users, to carry them, or some not too convenient. This is contrary to some of the new thin and light product launches mind - easy to carry. ULV processor, suitable for use in large-size notebook?

ULV processor-based notebook computer should be as much as possible and avoid weaknesses, avoid links from the performance of traditional large-size notebook computers in the field of the formation of a direct collision (ACER Aspire 5920 laptop batteries). Have therefore chosen to design the small size of ULV processors, notebook computers is the way out. Let's take a look at the design of acer Aspire 1810T.

acer Aspire 1810T choice of 11.6-inch widescreen design. From the size of point of view, is currently listed in the size of ULV processors, the most notebook computers in a compact, which means that 1810T be the first 12 inches below the design ULV processor-based notebooks.

1810T in the understanding of the product size, then we'll take a look at the weight of the product contain the situation. acer Aspire 1810T product weight of only 1.442 kilograms. Travel weight is also controlled at the 1.75 kilograms or less. Aspire 1810T product Weight control is very good, to know this product equipped with a standard 6-cell lithium battery.

With the earlier introduced 3810T design difference is that, 1810T choose a more stylish product design. First, the color from the product mix is very clear on the judgments will be able to come out, this product chose a vibrant red as the main colors (also available black, blue version). In the thin level of the product point of view, 1810T or the continuation of the entire thickness of the series features well-controlled products.

I believe that the left side of the 1810T product labeling, many users are already quite familiar with. Aspire 1810T is also a Timeline range of products, the products of the greatest selling point is life is greater than equal to the weight of the cube. Second, this series of products have ultra-thin body design, and HDMI output port (TOSHIBA Battery). acer Aspire 1810T have a full-size keyboard design, which is a lot of small-size Internet This product is absolutely second to none.

Aspire 1810T product around the corner at curved design gives the machine more easily neighbor feel. At the same time using this design can provide support for weight control. The battery has been a troubled part of the notebook computer weight, volume of the design aspects, 1810T full advantage of the battery part of the bottom of the screen room for the battery and the screen axis integration.

We have mentioned the battery part of the design 1810T bottom of the screen, so this product can only be buttons above the keyboard lights on both sides of the design. In which the left side of the keyboard provides a disk operation status, letters Caps Lock, Num Lock indicator light three groups. While the right side of the keyboard provides a start button.

acer Aspire 1810T touchpad supports multi-touch operation, daily operations for the user to provide a lot of fun. But the fact realistic speaking, 1810T, or some smaller area of the touchpad, users need to take time to adapt. acer Aspire 1810T equipped with a 30-megapixel camera, I used the camera in the indoor environment, the first feature as a reference if you users can meet your needs.

On the 1810T product size, its performance with the port can still be satisfactory. From the port the weight point of view, this product provides a HDMI port is one of the highlights. In terms of the number of products (TOSHIBA PA3733U-1BRS laptop batteries), 1810T provides the 3 groups USB2.0 interface, 11.6 inches for the products, it is not easy. 1810T's products on the left to provide VGA output port, HDMI output port, a USB2.0 interface, power supply excuses. The left side of the product provides a card slot, audio input and output ports, two groups USB2.0 interface, multi-card reader slot.

acer Aspire 1810T is equipped with a Core 2 Solo SU3500 processor. The processor uses Penrnyn core, TDP of only 5.5W (apple A1245 notebook batteries), is suitable for those who desire thin and light long-life products. SU3500 Processor SU9600 processor, you can see the single-core version of the addition is fully consistent with the SU9600 processor. SU3500 processors have 3MB L2, 800MHz FSB, operating frequency of 1.4GHz. The processor supports SSE4.1 instruction set, as well as EM64T.

acer Aspire 1810T does not provide CD-ROM, it is mainly taking into account the slim design of the product. In the disk area, this product with the Hitachi 320GB 5400 switch to SATA disks, with the level of a very mainstream (apple A1280 batteries). Link function is the configuration of the bright spots 1810T, this product provides a Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11N wireless card, but also provides a Bluetooth module

acer Aspire 1810T is equipped with a standard six-cell battery, the battery capacity 11.1V 5600 mAh Li-Ion battery, acer laptop with a larger size consistent. Together with its excellent use of ultra low voltage processors, power control (FUJITSU FPCBP198 computer battery), so the battery life tests, performed extremely well. Aspire 1810T battery life time of up to 422 minutes, more than 7 hours endurance, if applied with power management software, I believe that life is not a problem to meet the day.

In the temperature test link, we have chosen to EVEREST System Stability Test (select all test sub-items), was run for 30 minutes the temperature distribution. Through the actual temperature testing, we can find Aspire 1810T temperature control reasonably well. Most of the temperature test points in the 33 degrees up and down. Appeared in the left palmrest heat accumulation (FUJITSU FPCBP208AP batteries), the test point temperature reached 37 degrees. Products appeared in the bottom of the temperature of a temperature of the highest point in the product at the bottom of a central location, the test temperature of 43.7 degrees. Processor, a good outlet temperature control, the test temperature is below 33 degrees.

Acer laptop Aspire 1810T provides a landmark of the system recovery software. The software contains a system recovery, CD-ROM system backup, backup data, driver backup and other functions. In each feature a very detailed description of soybean oil, even if you are a primary user and running quickly. ORION communication tools (hp Mini 5101 laptop battery): ORION is an integrated communications tool, it can be MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk and other instant messaging contacts in a collection of software, for centralized management of user-friendly. Microsoft Works: This product provides a Microsoft Works. The software includes spreadsheets, logs, database and other functions to help users manage daily affairs.

It is no exaggeration to say that, acer Aspire 1810T is really suitable for ULV processor, the ultimate form of notebook computers (acer AS07A71 computer battery). First, either from the product size, or body weight, Aspire 1810T are able to meet the ULV processor for all the needs of the target population. Secondly, there is life, ULV processor, the notebook has a long life, basically to meet the needs of the user 8-hour working day.

As for the acer Aspire 1810T with the same size of the Internet in this competitive relationship, the former is a real possession advantage (acer AS07A72 notebook batteries). Chong's is the first current ULV processor performance is more remarkable, so that those who made veiled criticism of the Atom processor performance of the user a new choice. I believe many of my friends have begun secretly to compare.

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