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DELL D837N Battery,Latitude Z600 batteries

DELL D837N Battery,Latitude Z600 batteries

Product ID:1002106
Battery Type:Li-ion
Battery Voltage:14.80V
Battery Capacity:5405 mAh(80 WH/8 Cells)
Battery Color:Black
Latitude Z600 batteries

This DELL replacement battery pack is a 2700mAh,14.80,rechargeable,removable,Li-ion battery designed to work with DELL Latitude Z600. The Hi-Quality battery meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications for the DELL Latitude Z600 Battery in quality,durability,and performance. Li-ion batteries do not suffer from the memory effect. They generally last between 300-500 charge/discharge cycles. All laptop batteries are tested for 100% quality control assurance. This battery (Dell D837N) for DELL Latitude Z600 includes a one year warranty. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and fast shipping on all of our products.

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First observation: The Dell Latitude Z600 is wide and way thin. We're talking a laptop with a 16-inch screen and only 14.5mm thick .and weighs about 2kg with the standard 4-cell battery.(Dell rates the included 4-cell H018N battery for up to 4 hours of runtime,and the optional 8-cell Y596M battery should double that.)

It defies logic creating a machine this big,yet thinner than many ultraportables. You'll want to take it everywhere and show it off,but since the Dell Latitude Z600 has a 16-inch screen,you'll have a tougher time finding a bag it will fit in.Grab the Dell Latitude Z600,and you'll feel a supple,almost rubbery,black-cherry coating reminiscent of what Lenovo does on some ThinkPads.Open her up,and you're greeted by a 1600-by-900-pixel panel. Along the right side,(DELL 312-0929 Laptop Battery,312-0929 batteries fast shipping to UK,Europe and World.)Dell's TouchEdge LCD sensor technology replaces the need to clutter the machine with many shortcuts (you'll find volume controls parked above the keyboard,plus an instant-on shortcut button).

Just tap an indent near the bottom of the panel,and it pulls up an overlay of application shortcuts. Tap the frame,and it launches whatever program you configure. It works really well.

And the screen's colours are crisp enough with still images. The backlit WLED panel does a great job reproducing the gamut of rich (SONY Batteries),dark tones like the ocean as well as those of bright,vibrant jungle scenes,think of the sample images in your computer's Pictures folder,and it keeps looking sharp whether indoors or out. Glare is minimal.

Just don't expect miracles. It won't sync with Outlook in Windows. And if you're trying to hot-swap between Windows and Latitude ON,you'll encounter some idle time between powering down one OS and starting the other.

Dell also pops in a couple of proprietary apps you might actually use. The optional 2-megapixel camera works with the fairly impressive Dell Capture software to scan business cards:as long as you hold up a "normal":card,the app will read all the info and plug it into your contact manager.( Cheap VGP-BPS22A 10.8V,11.1V,6 cell 4 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for SONY VGP-BPL22

The software also scans documents directly into PDF format. You also have options for biometric lockouts,either via the FaceAware app that uses the Webcam or the fingerprint scanner that sits next to the keyboard.

Speaking of the keyboard,it feels,like the rubbery finish around the machine,soft to the touch,and the cut-out keys seem suitably springy and responsive. While it looks all lovely and well-framed floating in the middle of the computer,we can't help wondering if this is the one area where form trumped function for the worse.

Also a little out-of-the-ordinary and one of this laptop's bigger selling points is the wireless laptop charging base station. This add-on powers up the Dell Latitude Z600 through a panel similar to how the induction coil works in the Palm Pre's Touchstone charger.

The other (but slightly less sexy) wireless option is a docking station. No dongles required,it works out the box with your Dell Latitude Z600. It houses four USB 2.0 ports,along with DVI-out video,headphone,and mic outputs. Another excessive accessory that came with the Dell Latitude Z600: the slickly matching 4X external BD-ROM drive that drives up the price further. But if you're buying this machine,you aren't what we'd consider "thrifty":.

Despite being so thin,the Dell Latitude Z600 makes room for one USB 2.0 port,one hybrid USB/eSATA port,a DisplayLink video port (VGP-BPS20/S batteries),and a headset/mic jack. Cleverly hiding behind the screen - bracketing the battery - are power and ethernet jacks.

Unfortunately,when trying to get so much done in so little room,some sacrifices must be made. The lack of a flash-card reader may not be a deal breaker for every executive considering this model,but it is for me. And the audio is a loud but tinny afterthought. Get headphones,stat. Beyond that,you get 802.11n Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,optional 3G WWAN (mentioned earlier),and the ability to configure it for WiMAX.

The Dell Latitude Z600 is a classy-looking machine. But is it perfect? No. Even though it's amazingly thin and surprisingly light,it's still a 16-inch laptop that you might find tough to fit into a travel bag. The Dell Latitude Z600 may be perfectly suited as the interoffice status symbol,but for practical mobility we'd have asked for a laptop with a smaller screen. Keep the features,lower the price (and the screen size),and this could be a killer ultraportable.

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At first glance,the Latidude Z600 looks like nothing more than a status symbol for well-heeled execs. I could see Ari Gold toting this notebook or using it at the negotiating table. But when you dig a little deeper you find some welcome touches that should make the lives of workers (with expense accounts) easier.

Not only is the Z600 (starting at $1,999) the thinnest 16-inch notebook on the market,it includes touch controls on the LCD for quick access to shortcuts,instant-on technology that promises days of battery life (DELL TKV2V Laptop Battery,TKV2V batteries fast shipping to UK,Europe and World.),and facial recognition security. You can even charge the Z600 wirelessly and output its video to a bigger monitor via wireless USB– if you're willing to splurge for optional accessories.

The price for the Z600 is a bit steep,especially since you get only 64GB of included storage,but Dell's latest Latitude has a lot going for it. We had a chance to go hands on with this luxury business notebook for over an hour and wanted to share our first impressions.

Like most Latitudes,the Z600 has a sturdy magnesium alloy frame,but Dell decks out this system with a cool SoftTouch Black Cherry finish and high-end brushed aluminum accents around the deck. The machine measures from 0.57 to 0.79 inches thick in the back,where Dell created Zinc hinges that house the power and Ethernet ports (DELL BATTV00L3 Laptop Battery). Its starting weight with a 4-cell battery is an impressively light 4.5 pounds,but you don't get an integrated optical drive.

There's enough room for just 2 USB ports on the chassis,one of which doubles as an eSATA port. There's also a DisplayPort,an Ethernet jack,and a combined headphone/headset connector. You won't find an ExpressCard slot or memory card slot.

Although the keyboard is not spill resistant,we like that it's backlit. We're not sure to make of the raised “silky touch” keys themselves yet,so stayed tuned for the full review. Overall,the Z600 has a premium look and feel that screams first class,which is where you'll need to fly if you don't want the passenger in front of you to crush your screen. (VGP-BPS18 batteries) Above the keyboard are capacitive volume controls,which have nice haptic feedback.

Dell is making a big deal out of the Z600's EdgeTouch technology,but it's important to clarify that this 1600 x 900 LCD is not a full touchscreen. On the right side of the bezel there's a small touch button you press to launch a menu of shortcuts that pop up in a vertical column along the right side of the desktop. And each of these shortcuts,which are customizable,have their own corresponding touch sensors,also hidden in the bezel. So,for example,you can launch the browser with just a touch of a button next to its icon. We also like that you can use EdgeTouch to scroll Web pages.

With most notebooks,instant-on means you can get online faster than you would with full Windows,but the battery life gains are marginal. Dell's Latitude ON is different. The Z600 packs a separate board with its own integrated ARM processor,512MB of memory,and Wi-Fi connection for surfing the Web and accessing your e-mail,calendar,and contacts. Because you're not using the Intel processor in this environment,Dell promises days instead of hours of productivity on a charge,which we can't wait to verify. The interface is pretty simple (VGP-BPS20/B batteries),and we like that Latitude ON integrates with Microsoft Exchange. You can even get online via mobile broadband in this mode (if you pay extra for that connectivity).
Although HP's EliteBooks have been doing this trick for a while,it's nice to see that the Z600's 2-MP webcam with autofocus can scan business cards and other documents. But Dell goes one step further by leveraging the webcam for an added layer of security. Utilizing face recognition,when you step away from the notebook your system will automatically lock,and you'll need to enter a password to get back in. (SONY VGP-BPS21A Laptop Battery)

If you're willing to spend about $200 more than the starting price,you'll be able to charge your Z600 wirelessly when you get back to your desk. The all-metal stand uses inductive technology to juice your laptop:the only caveat is that you don't get to take advantage of Dell's Express Charge feature when using this dock (which gets you to 80 percent in 60 minutes). If you want to top off your battery in a hurry (BATAW20L61 batteries),you're better off using the Z600's compact 45-watt AC adapter.

Another $200 option is the wireless A/V dock,which lets you extend your desktop to a bigger display using wireless USB. The dock has DVI output but not HDMI or DisplayPort connectivity. It also has audio ports and USB ports,so you can plug in a printer,USB hub,or storage drive.

The Z600 will get the job done,but it's definitely not for speed demons. It packs a 1.4-GHz Core 2 Duo SU9400 processor and 2GB of RAM (upgradable to 4GB). The Samsung-made 64GB SSD should make opening applications and files fast,but we'd prefer 128GB or more capacity at this starting price.

the Z600 is not designed to be a mainstream business notebook:it's designed to impress others when you give presentations and to extend your worktime away from an outlet. We'd like to see a 13-inch Z300 that's even easier to travel with,but if you want a big screen and a low profile,the Z600 looks like a premium business machine that's worth the splurge.

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